Sport events

In the SOCCERLAND CATALUNYA facilities, big tournaments and sporting events are also held by other organizers, such as the Costa Girona Cup, an international grassroots football tournament which brings together players from all over the world, organized by Endeka Sports, in which lower divisions from big teams like FC Barcelona, ​​RCD Espanyol, Villarreal CF, Celta de Vigo and Girona FC have participated, among others.

Other tournaments are annually held in our facilities, the Copa Costa Brava or the Mediterranean Summer Cup, organized by the non-profit foundation Euro-Spotring, which organizes international grassroots football tournaments in 12 European countries with more than 8.000 participating teams from 30 different countries.

During the year, there are numerous sporting events celebrated in our facilities. Rugby and Frisbee cups, football tournaments for companies, athletics races and other popular sports in other countries such as korfball, lacrosse, netball or fistball.

We particularly highlight the Barcelona Rugby Festival, an international tournament of rugby XV in the veterans' and women's categories, organised by the Barcelona Sports Tours Agency, which this year celebrated its eighth edition. This tournament is one of the most important in Europe in these categories and gathers about 50 teams and 1.000 players from different European countries.